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Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev

The President of Russian Federation


From: Baisarova O.B.


Dear Dmitry Anatolyevich,


On 17 September 2007, the 3rd section of the Investigation sub-division of the Investigation Department under the Office of Interior of Moscow City Central Administrative District passed a resolution on a refusal to take criminal proceedings on the base provided in the Article 24 Part 1 Paragraph 4 of the Criminal Proceedings Code according to the results of investigation of the notice on the crime.

We have a reason to consider that our children became VICTIMS OF SELF-WILL of dishonest officers of special structures of Russia.

            Recently, objective data (facts) that attest the crime to be an intentional murder became known to public;

They also attest an illegality of the resolution on a refusal to take criminal proceedings related to the traffic accident on the crossing of Sadovaya-Spasskaya Street with Orlikov Bystreet in Moscow on 22 March 2007 (see the diary of Timur Baisarov: http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/1864344/). These evidences (photos, video materials and so on) finally disclose a gross falsification of the materials on the traffic accident by the organizers and their sidekicks. Namely, for this reason, the hearsay about ostensibly preparation for a summary punishment of the causer of the traffic accident by an ethnic group from Moscow is spread in structures under the Ministry of Interior of Russia (It is not clear why a group, the more an ethnic group would be needed for this purpose?). Why we can see only a pitiable imitation of investigation instead of the honest one? Why official institutions make such „zigzags“? The answer is simple. Driver of the vehicle Koryakin V.A., being tipsy, pulled out, ignoring the red stoplight, and rammed “Mercedes”. The investigator from the 3rd section of the Investigation sub-division of the Investigation Department under the Office of Interior of Moscow City Central Administrative District vigorously ignores this information provided by the witnesses of the traffic accident, although he must examine all circumstances of the event! Why the investigation subdivision is not interested in thorough investigation of all circumstances of the event?

Because Minister of Russian Federation …………………was sitting in Tuareg (by the way, the information was obtained through the mediation of the certain structures seeking to demonstrate their “invincibility” and witnesses of the traffic accident, However, frankly speaking, if such persons are presented in the nearest surroundings of D. Medvedev and V. Putin, a “feast” of corruption takes place behind their backs, while their care about the future of Russia).

The said accident caused a death of five persons (five pure souls) that could be saved; however, the causers of the accident provided no help to the victims, otherwise than a Russian boy that recently saved people from burning bus after the traffic accident in Egypt and the witnesses of this accident that tried to extinguish flame and put the victims away from the burning Mercedes. And after the terrible tragedy they ignore the laws of Russia and decide to keep in secrecy the above-mentioned circumstances of the traffic accident, using their “administrative resource” for this purpose, although Russian Federation Federal Bureau of Investigation, Russian Federation Federal Bureau of Security and Russian Federation Military Prosecutor’s Department became aware of them.

Why? In order to avoid – as they think – “spoiling” of the reputation of VIP-functionary. This reason causes the shocking conclusion of the Investigation Department: “To refuse taking criminal proceedings”. However, it is based on perjuries of two persons in absence of the minimum expert’s examinations, namely:

- complex expert’s examination of the technical condition of the vehicle (was not carried out);

- expert’s examination of the technical condition of the vehicle (the formal answer: “Is impossible because of absence of some parts of the vehicle”);

- medical examination (the formal answer: “It is impossible because the cadavers were not marked were not marked /by them/ on the place of the traffic accident”).

The following items were absent in the materials under examination:

- the real scheme of the traffic accident;

- the schedules of operation of traffic-lights (this fact is equivalent to a situation when a surgeon starts an operation in absence of the diagnose, blood analysis and so on....)

- video information from 27 video cameras.

  And one more formal answer:  “Information was lost”.

-  the detailed data on telephone calls of all participants and witnesses of the traffic accident and so on.

What does it mean? Poor laws? Low level of the qualification of professionals engaged at the Investigation sub-division? No!!! It is a felonious way to suppress the violation of law and a purposeful cynical act for providing a political aspect to the proceedings (that is not taken, by the way) beforehand in order to prepare the ground for a case of persistence from the side of the relatives and friends of the victims in seeking justice. It is a continuation of their acts in the place of the tragedy, such as misrepresentation of the information on the traffic accident (taking away the numberplates, concealing of the information on the number of passengers in Tuareg and so on), slander (mostly via mass media), unlawful listening in telephone calls of the next of kin of the victims, making threats to them, for the only purpose – to shirk responsibility.

However, in contradistinction to them, we rely on the strength of the state and efficacy of its laws. We are driven by the only impetus – the hope in the real justice and in appearance of a public man capable to eliminate this bacchanalia in the authorities of Russia. Through their fault, we have lost our most important treasure – the lives of our children; however, they will not be able to impede our striving for justice.

We provide the only request: the investigation institutions should not violate the constitutional rights and should carry out a complete objective investigation of the traffic accidents in the limits of criminal proceedings according to the provisions of the Article 264 Part 3 of the Penal Code of Russian Federation applicable to such case and circumstances.

On behalf and a request of the parents of all victims, I hereby apply to you asking to control personally the investigation, because there are evident signs of corruption in examination of this case.


With respect and hope

Baisarova Olga Borisovna.

23 May 2008

Everybody who hopes and believes a triumph of justice may support this Application the President of Russia.

Website of the President of Russian Federation:http://www.kremlin.ru/mainpage.shtml


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