Все о Тимуре Байсарове и его друзьях (timbaysarov123) wrote,
Все о Тимуре Байсарове и его друзьях

One more step on a way to true, validity...

 The Program of the First channel (TV Russia) " Let speak " (leading:Андрей Malakhov).

Theme of the program: " Heavens cry "
Editorial group:
Chief-editor Larissa Novoselova,
Editors: Alexander Telesov, Irina Alpatova, Polina Avetikova, Ekaterina Kalmykova.
On behalf of all sufferred and sympathizing sincerely we thank editorial group for huge attention, the sensitive attitude at creation of this transfer. Low to you bow!
A fragment 1
A fragment 2
A fragment 3
A fragment 4
A fragment 5
A fragment 6
A fragment 7


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